August 26, 2012

Do you believe in changes?!

 Life, since a very longtime, has been going in alot of changes, history has been changed, people have been changed actually, the way we think?! They way we fight, they way we believe?! Everything has been changed.

 But, have you ever thought about how or why those changes happend?! What is the reason from changes and changing?! What is the point, from seeing new things everytime?! And how can we make those changes and where should we start from?!

 Well first I believe, that behind every change that could happen to every man in this life, has a story behind it, when you just feel that you don't want to do the same thing anymore, or you just tired of living this life, or maybe you just want to try something different, or make yourself a better person, that is a reason to change, but for a reason or another, alot of people don't believe in change, alot of people just don't believe that changes is something possible. But why is that?!

 I must say that there are alot of people who are afraid from trying something new, or just afraid from being new persons, even if they don't like the way they are living their lives. It's like, they are afraid from taking the risk of changing themselves. Afraid from seeing new things. Even if they know somehow that history has been changed, because a first step that has been made by alot of people. And this first step is when a group of people just hate the reality that they are living it, and they just don't want to keep watching like alot of people do. So they believe in something named "change", and they believe that they have the ability to change all of that if they just start changing themselves, change the way they live, the way they spend their time, the way they work, they way the see chances and opportunities.

 When you try to open your eyes and your minds to see through your imagination how can life be after you believe that changing is something possible and how can life be if you stop forcing yourself to be more related with traditions. and you try to find ways, ways that can make you better in your life. And you try to be  an experimental person, only then I believe, you will realize, that we're that changes, small changes in ourlives, can make a better future.


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