September 09, 2012

Your road of success: Step NINE


Step NINE - Manage your time

We have been hearing this throughout our life that time and tide waits for none. Although we might have been able to stall tide through dam, it’s been impossible stall time with anything. Time will go on with its own pace and it is your own responsibilities to cope with time and complete tasks on time which will make you successful in life. However, many of us unable to really utilize time due our own bad habit which should be corrected as soon as possible.

If you are not good time, you must try to find out what’s your problems are in the first place.  If you are always missing your deadlines, falling behind others the definitely there is something wrong with you. But font worry, there is good news for you that you fix it very quickly and easily. First, start with asking yourself about your feelings of how you are managing your time. If you can’t realize that you missing out a fortune while ignoring, you will be really difficult for you utilize your time. Again, ask yourself where is the problem because of which you keep missing your deadlines? Most of us miss their deadline and ignore time due to lack of attention and distraction. Often we get distracted into some less important thing which in the end actually wastes our time. Due to personal problem, we also find it difficult to give full attention to our duties and miss our deadline. Finally, there are always accidental issues which make us to forget about time.

As you can see there are so many things in life that can become a hurdle for you in managing your time. But if you follow some simple guidance, you will be able to get rid of the habit of missing your deadline and manage your time more effectively. The very first thing which can help you to manage your time is to follow a calendar. Keep a calendar in your room and always try to write down important events on it. The notes will always remind about your deadlines and important things to be done. One more effective tool is a task or to do list, where you can write all your specific tasks in details with their own deadlines. Keep it somewhere close to you so that you can always have easy access to the list. If you running a little generous on your budget, then you can also go for some digital assistants or PDA’s that comes in really compact size but fully loaded with features that can help even the laziest persons to manage their time. Even the new mobile phones also come with their time management tools such as calendar, alarm system, to do list which can afford at a very reasonable price and create your own time management system.

However, you should keep one thing in mind that it’s you who will be utilizing your time, not the time management system. You might have the most sophisticated time management system in the world, but if you are not dedicated your goals, you will be always missing your deadline and won’t be able to manage your time.


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