September 08, 2012

Your road of success: Step EIGHT

 Step EIGHT - Planning your projects

You have been making a tremendous progress if you have followed through so far. Now you are coming to one of the most final stages where dreams are not far away from becoming a reality. You have your projects, your talents and roles all identified which makes you ready to plan for the projects that identified earlier.

Planning for the project is a very critical task as it incorporates number multi dimensional aspects. While planning for your projects, how you want to make them ready to be actualized, you should first consider the opportunities with the project. The project with the highest opportunities should be your prior targets in the first place and then you should also rank other projects based on their weight and chances. 
Start with writing your projects that you have previously identified in step five. The next phase for in planning for projects is to go analysis of environment, threats, opportunities, weakness and strengths. This will be really helpful for you identify what kind of issues you might have to deal with when you will be running your projects.

Next task for you is to identify and allocate resources in order to commence your project. Your resources can both monetary and non-monetary. You might need different kind of resources for your project but one thing is sure that you have to make the best possible utilization of them. Hence, preparing budget is really important which will help to track you usage and also identify if there was any wastage or not. After you budget preparation, your next task is to identify your deliverables, what you want accomplish through this project. As your mission, you project planning should be SMART as well. You should also think about a supportive team and supportive strategy.

Your milestone is also an important factor that can help you review your progress and success. If you can carefully fix your milestones then you will find it very easy to measure your performance after achieving each milestone. So think very deeply about your milestones, keep it achievable and don’t jump for so big targets which you won’t be able to manage. If you are running a big project, you should look for some help as it will be very difficult for you to go through all the responsibilities by yourself. So always try to plan your workloads and delegate extra pressure on your team in advance. Along with the support team, your supportive strategy like communication strategy, risk management plans, and alternative strategies will be also critical. This are your resources to help keep moving forward in successfully completing your task. You should be really careful about this and if you find it difficult to arrange so, you should go some expert help although it might cost you some money.


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