September 01, 2012

Your road for success: Step TWO

Step two: Analyzing Our Current Status

It was 1970 when the Lunar program of NASA, known as Appolo 13 ran into a number of accidents and put itself in jeopardy risking the lives of all three crew members and the huge amount resources invested in the project. In this situation, the very first thing the crew on that ship did, was to explore their current status, inventories to identify the best alternative to keep them alive and safely return to earth. The same strategy is also applicable to people who are in pursuit of excellence in their life and success in life.
When making the important decision about future that make a life changing impact, it is necessary to go through current situation in life and every aspects of it. These aspects can range from academic background, professional knowledge and expertise, health, social surrounding, money, friends and many others. Among these, health is one of the most important factors which is the pre-requisite for success.  That is why; wise people have cited “your health is your biggest wealth”. Without a sound health it will be really utilize all aspects of an individual. Hence, you should consider your health before making plans for future and keep a close eye on it. Next important thing to consider while analyzing current status is your background where you come from. Your family is your biggest strength that not only provides you support but also guidance to go after your aim. Hence, ensuring family support in your future endeavor is also a must.
Your learning is also very important which helps to reach your potential. It is a fast changing world and the learning that can keep you up to dated and overcome the challenges that the environment throws at you. Hence, if you have any interest where you want to go, you must identify link between that area and your learning. The learning may not be academic but even real life learning can be fruitful while you are pursuing your aim in life. your social network and friends are crucial. Now a days, most of the business are done through referral and acquaintances. If you have contacts in the area where you are looking for a career, they might turn out to be really helpful through their support. Last but not the least, your area of interest is also important thing that many people tend to forget while planning for their life. People must go into things where they find interest. There is no better way than to be involved in a work that you also enjoy in the same.  

The concept behind analyzing your current status including all these aspects is to identify the best synergy with your future course of action. Since, choosing your career plan is a very important and critical decision, you must consider your current status and try to make the best match of your future course of action.


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