September 02, 2012

Your road for success: Step THREE


 Step THREE - Discovering our talents

Everyone has a talent that makes them special to others. It can be a really easy one like whistling a song, a critical one like counting cards or even a silly talent like drinking one liter of water in just a minute. The main fact is that everyone has talent among them although many of us are unaware of it. If you can discover your talents it can make you more effective and interesting to others and help you going after what week want in life.

Discovering your talent is both easy and difficult at the same time for some of us. But if you really want to identify tour talents, then you must look deep in to this which can and will change your life and the way you are going to lead it. The people around us are the best possible mean to help you identify your talents. As we tend to focus mostly on others and ignore ourselves, we stay in the dark about our talents. Hence, it is always a great idea to ask others about what they feel really special about us. It can be our family or our friends with whom we spent most of our time. We should also be receptive to other and listen to very carefully. Obviously not everyone will be able help us in discovering our talents. Other way to discover our talents are self assessment tools. There are thousands of self assessment tools available on Internet, magazines. But if you really want to identify our hidden talents you should go for some professional psychologist than to depend on readymade tools. (graphology test is also an interesting tool)

One more thing that you can do identify your talents is to ask for help within yourself. You should try identifying things that you do better than other and effortlessly. You might be shocked to identify that you already had mastered some talent which you weren’t aware since it was so natural to you. You should also look into your past achievements where you made some success. Your passion and interest is also linked to your talents. So you should ask what you are passionate about. It is for sure, with some trial and error, you will be able to discover your talents. But the biggest challenge will come afterwards when you will face question of what to do with your talent. Obviously, the very first thing to do with your talent is to harness and make it more perfect since it will be with you in your future life.  You should always try to discover new ideas to and be more creative with yourself.

One thing you should keep in mind that your talents could be your biggest asset if only you can use them properly.  If you don’t use talent appropriately, then you won’t have benefit out of it.  Hence, you should always make investment on your talent and try to utilize it to its full potential.


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