September 03, 2012

Your road for success: Step FOUR

  Step FOUR - Discovering our Values

Our values have the most significant impact on our live. We lead our life through our values that we cherish. In a sense, we are what values follow and ignore. We can be misleading to ourselves and others regarding anything, but it’s the only our values where we are always honest to each others. That’s why people say, our values come deep within us that we should honor with our actions. If we are successful to develop a fit between our values and work, we can make it a really nice and enjoyable experience for us. 
Like hidden talents, discovering your values is also an important pre-requisite while you will be preparing for your future life. While doing so, you must ask ourselves what really makes us happy and content. Things that we expect from others and love to be others, is the best way to identify what are our most cherished values. Another way to identify your values is to evaluate the person that we mostly admire and list all his traits such as how he interact with others, how he deals with issues. This could be a really big help for you to identify your values that you might not have been aware earlier. 
Different people have different values sets in their life and no two single people will have the identical values. But there are certain values which are mostly esteemed by all. Among these, the most common one is honesty which is admired by all specially in business. Family is our second most prized value without which we can’t live. Another valued possession closed to family is our loyalty to our friends. The community that we live in also dictates our life and as a social being we can’t even think of living without it. Our integrity is another asset that makes us more reliable to others. It is one of the most important values of our life that creates credibility and trust among us.    In addition to that, expertise is another core value that is not only admired by our own but also others. This is indeed really noteworthy value that you must aim to harness to be successful and be respected by others. 
Independence is another value that most admire. A person can be really successful and really rich. But if he doesn’t have freedom, the person is the most unfortunate person in the world as he won’t be able enjoys it on his own. Personal development and meaningful work is also very significant for us in our work life which helps us in reaching our aim to become a successful entrepreneur in life if we can align our values along with our talents to areas of our future endeavor.


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