September 04, 2012

Your road of success: Step FIVE

 Step FIVE - Defining your mission in life

Now that you have discovered your talents and values, the obvious next course of action for you is to develop your mission in life. A mission is nothing but a long term plan or strategy that you have execute to achieve your goals. Most organizations spend huge resources in their initial phase to define their own mission statement so that they can trace which path to follow and how to follow it. Might be seem a little bit irrelevant to waste so much time and resources just to develop a mission, but it is really critical success factor for you and your organization to develop precise mission as it will help you as an anchor in the vast sea of this competitive market.

So how you are going to define your mission and also come up with your mission statement? It is very simple. Just ask yourself five SMART questions
1. What you want to do (SPECIFIC)?
2. How much do you want achieve (MEASUREABLE)?
3. Is it really possible for you to achieve (ACHIEVABLE)?
4. Will it really help me (RELEVANT)?
5. By when I want accomplish this (TIME)?
So when you combine all five answers together, you will end up with a statement which is actually your mission in your life. So if you are a fresh graduate, you may probably come up with the following statement “To become a Senior Manager in a well reputed bank when I am 30 years old”. You might see this simple statement has all the element e.g. specific, measureable, and achievable, relevance and time and gives a clear idea about where you want to be in future.   
You can do the same for you regardless of who you are and where you come from, what your talents and values are. Just simply ask yourself these questions and you will end up with your own customized mission. but you should try keep some aspects in your mind first. You must look for what you specific things you want to do. You might be interested in song writing and you also might have some talent in this area. So be specific to your goal that you want to be a song writer. Then think about a measuring indicator e.g. number of songs and then obviously set deadline for, say end of this year. Then you will have to think whether is it really possible for you or not. If you plan for 100 songs in a year, you are sure to fail in this as it is beyond your achievable limit. So, always plan for a reasonable target like 10 songs and then think whether is it going to help you or not.    If you can work out all these answers out, then hopefully you will end up with your specific, measureable, achievable, time bound and relevant mission of your life that will go like this ”I want write an album with 10 songs by the end of this year”. Try it yourself; you will come up with your mission within a minute keeping in mind that it should target a broad area rather than narrow scope.


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