September 05, 2012

Your road of success: Step SIX

   Step SIX - Determining the projects

If you have managed through so far, then you are going a great pace towards your goal to become a successful entrepreneur. Now what you have to do is determine the projects, breakdowns of your missions in to manageable assignments which you are going to chase. Obviously, if you plan to become a successful entrepreneur, you can’t become one over night.  You have to keep trying for this over long period and achieve your goals through accomplishing the tasks one after another in a chronological order. Hence, you must determine your projects with details and perfect assumptions.

While determining your projects, you might be overwhelmed to see that there are so many projects you might end up with. But don’t be so scared. If you work logically you can easily come with your own projects for the coming 50 years and then sort out some projects for coming 10, then 5 followed by 2 and one year. To start with, list down all your values and talents that you have within you and evaluate their present state e.g. how much you already achieved, and how much you have to achieve in future. To be more precise add a percentage to all of them so becomes more clear to you and you will be able to measure your progress more accurately. For example, to be a successful entrepreneur you will need some sort of expertise. So assess how much of knowledge or expertise you already have and how much you are still lacking. Now assign percentage to both of them and prepare a plan to minimize the gap. You might have already have some expertise such academic exposure in the business area which could be 35% and you will need some more expertise  through personal experience which would the rest of the whole, 65%. So now you should make a plan how to achieve the whole 100% over the next 50 years. this is your main project which now you have break down more in to manageable chunks. For example, if you planning to become a true expert in your area within 50 years, then within 10 years achieve a proportionate percentage, one fifth of it such as gain intensive and hands on exposure. Prior to that, you will have to accomplish the  pre-requite of that within 2 years and for the current year you should look for projects that you should commence immediately, for example taking a management training or an internship.

Do the same for all you values and talents by putting them into projects for over 50 to 1 years time scale. You will halfway there to your goals to become the next generation business tycoon.


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