September 09, 2013

Choose the right answer for life's questions and everything will be fine.

 It first challenges your will to start the whole advanture... It will test your strength, your power... ll And it will make you answer the question of the hour... "Do you really want to do it?" "Do you really want to make it right?"

 The confusing thing is life may help you to find the answer... It may inspire you and push you forward so you can be ready for what is hidden for you. It may show you some of what is waiting for you... And at the moment... The moment when everything is waiting for the green light... People's different state of minds will make the whole difference.

 Just few minutes before the advanture get started we find some people didn't wake up yet. Or they didn't realize just yet that this fight should be won! But that's fine... If we hop(e that they'll wake up just soon...

 There are others will just accept the challenge from the first step they make. Some of them will accept the fact they're too weak at the moment. But they also accept the challenge of getting better and change how things work soon enough.

 But what is going to be changed next is almost everything. When the advanture get started and for a second you discover that you're not in your deam land anymore. Things are getting harder and you're getting weaker -you think- and you are running out of time. Then and only then alot of people will start giving up. Alot of people and even if they started the whole battle with a self-trust like world has never seen before they will just quit. They will just see themselves too small. And their goal too big. And as you see people quitting. As you see things getting harder... You will have that killing thinking inside of you... And for a reason or another you find yourself obliged to answer another question which will make the whole difference. Your answer will decide the result of your beautiful battle. "Few months before the end, Give up or just not yet?" And this question will be asked to you all the time. When you go to sleep at night... And when you wake up every morning... It won't stop being asked until the moment you win. Maybe the only person who will not have to answer this qusetion is the one who starts the advanture as a winner. Fights as a winner. And wins as a winner.

 Anyway, Let me tell you a story of mine:

 3rd juin, 9h45am. It was the moment when I saw the castle of hope I've been building falling down. The moment when I hated the world the most. The world turned to be black. And the only thing I've done at that moment is getting up from my chair and give up the teacher my beautiful empty math answer's paper. And too a deep breath and told myself "Okay, This is over." I even didn't want to come that afternoon for the english exam. It was just...OVER! I spent the next few hours I remember thinking and making plans for the next few years because my first plan of myself cannot work anymore. 10 minutes before the english exam I decided to go. Not to fight again but because I was confused and had nothing to do. Entered, sat down, answerd few questions and then all the magic happens. When everybody was busy answering the questions. I was holding a calculator and doing some math (Which were much easier than the Math exam). I found out that if I get three in math. Thirteen in science and thirteen in pshyics that I will just make it! At that moment I saw a small shine of hope and had nothing to do except moving on toward it. And then I asked myself a question "Oh a challenge, am I going to accept it?" Trust me. The answer changed my whole life obviously and change the whole thing.

 It was on of the most amazing moments in my life because for a second me and myself stood up together and showed the world very clearly that whoever you are, whenever you are, wherever you are... Giving up should never be an option. Never... Because in the end... I made it... And felt proud of myself like I've never been before...

 So my friends, my message is clear. I'm not going to lie to you. THings won't be easy. But we all know; "The one who thinks he can, and the one who thinks he cannot are usually both right." As long as you believe in yourself. As long as you're accepting the challenges. As long as you're moving forward even if everything around you fell down then no worries. Nothing can stop you. And nothing can stand between you and the moment when your mom look at your eyes and says : "I'm proud of you son..." Yeah... Nothing.




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