January 19, 2013

There are moments, Remind you of everything..

There are moment in life come to you with a very weird way just to make you see things in your life like you have never seen them before. You start feeling like there are alot of things that you kind of forgot. And it is time to care about them once again, while there are alot of other things that gave them more than they really deserve. And of course, day after day you start feeling like you are not making any progress. 

 This feeling is a mixture between blaming yourself and missing your old life... Or at least, missing few things from your old life.

 And like any other feeling, this one calls for a change, it calls for waking up once again to see life from other ways. It calls for stop doing things and start focusing on others.

 That is exactly how I felt, and that is exactly how I reacted. And that is exactly how I had my smile back. And to be honest with you guys, that is exactly how are you going to feel oneday. But I think that you are ready for it, arn't you?!


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