December 14, 2012

Who doesn't want to live happy for the rest of his life anyway?!

 Oh hold on for a second. I will explain it as easy as I can. But first, tell me... Who doesn't want to live happy for the rest of his life?! Who doesn't want to wake up every morning with that shiny smile on his face?! Nobody I guess. Because happiness for alot of people is a reason to live, and a reason to fight.

 Alright, a while ago, something like magic happend to me, made me see one of the keys that make people feel happy. Before I talk about it, let me ask you a question... How many times you felt that everything doesn't worth fighting for anymore and everything for once doesn't worth being in your life anymore?! And we just feel bad about it, and then, everything becomes different, and for a second, we feel bad about everything else, even the things that we used to like. I'm sure that it happend to all of you. But, let me tell you about the second part...

 It was a matter of minutes, hours, days or weeks. And then, everything becomes normal once again. And we have our old life back. That is exactly what happens in most of cases you know...

 But that, that gave me an idea to think about. Actually, it gave me qusetions to find them an answer... And I want you guys to help me to find these answers to discover this key of happiness.

 Well, because of "Things" or "Experiences" we feel bad. So, can other "Things" or "Experiences" makes us feel better?!
Ok maybe yes!! But How?! Mmmm, Having a good day? A good experience? Meeting a good friend? All of those can make us feel better, right?!
Ok wait guys. I've just got the right qusetion for all of us... Have you ever felt bad because of a bad idea that came to your mind or a bad experience you remembered?! If yes, then we still can feel better or happier because of a good idea we get or a great experience we remember, Right?!

 That proves one thing.. Happiness is a state of mind exactly like we talked about "Capacity is a state of mind" Because we're kind of responsibles about all the thinking that comes and goes from our minds, and we can make an image for everything we want. I mean that's what imaginating is for, right?!

 So, I'm gonna let you on your owns thinking about all the answers we found together just to try to understand the key of happiness that's going to make you feel happy for the rest of your lives.


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