November 27, 2012

Failures or a victory ?! It makes the whole difference

Have you ever failed in something so hard and you just felt so bad because of it?! An exam maybe?! At school?! At work?! You failed to convince people about your idea?! Or you just felt like you are a loser in your life and you can't keep moving forward because you just couldn't make things how you wanted it to be?!!

 Guess what?! You are not the only one! Because everyone of us has lived this experience before.
But hey listen... If you know what are you fighting for, and you know how much it means to you, then you really mustn't let anything stop you from moving forward. You failed?! So did I. So did everybody. All the great people who changed the world failed once... Not only once, but alot of times, and guess what?! Fail gives you exactly the needed strength to be a better person, to fight harder?! And stronger.

 You know my friend... One of the biggest diffrences between normal people and those who changed the world is that those who changed the world saw failures as a victory. How's that?! They saw it as a victory because they won a lesson. So they worked harder to be better.

 That's what great people have done, and that's what are we going to do if we want to keep moving on stronger.


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