November 25, 2012

Only then, You will discover what you really should fight for.

 Have you ever had a moment with yourself just to discover... What do you really want in this life?! No, not what your dreams are or what do you want to achieve. But, how do you really want to see this life. How do you want to see it. How do you want to see people. How do you want to see the future... Have you?!

 You can answer yourself but now, let me tell you about my story. When first I had this thinking. I thought that I'm fighting for the right thing. I had alot of dreams that I wanted to achieve back then. But when I had that inspiring moment with myself... I discovered that all my dreams that I was fighting for, or at least most of them?! Are not what I really want in this life. All those dreams, and all those plans?! Will not help me in anything except giving me a fake victory. A fake vicotry that gives exactly the same feeling as the real one... Well, at least for a moment.

 This is the mistery of this life. Alot of people, and I'm one of them obviously, forgot what do they really want. Sometimes because it seems that it is too big to achieve, sometimes because it seems that it needs alot of sacrifices. Or sometimes, There are people hiding between shadows, they fight all the time to make us chase fake dreams.

 But hey, close your eyes for a moment my friend, and try to see life exactly like you want it to be. Only then, you will discover what you really should fight for.


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