November 21, 2012

It could be the only way to make everything right! [Palestine]

 What if it is the only way to help ourselves?! What if it is the only way to help the community?! What if it is the only way to help our country?! What if it is the only way to save the world, and to save Palestine?! But wait, what is this only way that I'm trying to tell you anyway?!

 Well, I'm sure that everyone agrees with me, agrees that we, we the muslims, made the first stpe in almost all the fields, science, technologie, architechture... Everything. And only then, muslims were able to rule the world. Only then, muslims were able to refuse the humiliation and to do something about it... But, what is the difference between then and now?!

 I believe that for a moment, everything seemed so in sence to me, and to almost... Everyone! We forgot, we forgot what we really should stand up for... We forgot why are we really living this life... We lost our religion, we lost our souls, we lost our belief, so there's no surprise, if we lose one of our countries...

 But hey, guess what?! Don't you think that we really should do something about it?! Now better then yesterday after all, and now better then never. And the first thing that we should do, is to convince ourselves that there is only one way to make things right; And I will tell you what I think it's good to do now.

 Islam is humiliated enough I guess?! Arabs are humiliated enough I guess?! We lived in a dirty society for enough I guess?! So it's time, to know what do we really want, it's time guys, to have our stolen souls back!! It is time to make everything right, exactly like the old times. It is time, to show the world who we really are!! And to do that I believe, And before we move to the biggest change... Everyone of us needs to start his own change, between his family, friends, school... Between himself!! It time to realize that the road that we are taking now?! It will never make the difference that we should look for. So let's do this people. Becuse really, if we want to make things right?! We need to start by ourselves, we need to go back to the origin. And only then... We'll have our stolen souls back, and only then, we become ready to move forward. And guess what?! Only then, Palestine will be free.


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