November 18, 2012

Wake up people, it's PALESTINE.

 It is not about Gazza anymore... It is not about Palestine anymore... It is not even about all the people who are dying everyday anymore. Because we've already proved that we don't care and don't you dare me to tell me that I'm wrong because I'm not.

 For years, we've proved that a football match is much important than Palestine. For years, we've shown the world that we care much more about fashion, about money, about what life is giving us then the thing that we are all responsible of... Oh wait, you've forgotten already about what I was talking about?!

 Let's be honest with eachother guys... Stop all those lies... WE ARE NOT EVEN TRYING. And for those who think that they're trying, guess what?! You are not trying enough. We are responsibles for every single dorp of blood. For every single tear. We are responsibles about waking up ourselves. We are responsibles about waking up all the people, all the muslims, just to see what's really happening there, and feel it, and the most important thing... Act for it and do something about it. And don't tell me there's nothing to do, because we are not even trying...


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