November 07, 2012

Everything depends on your feelings

 Couldn't you make a sence of what I said?! Alright, let me ask you couple of qusetions. Have you ever wondered if you have the ability to be happy all the time?! Or with another way, Are we supposed to feel everytime with a different way whenever we face different experiences?! Are experiences the responsibles of our feelings?! I mean, are we supposed to feel bad everytime we face a bad day at school/work?! Are we supposed to feel sad everytime we lose something or someone?! Wait, are we really supposed to feel angry everytime we have a fight with a friend?!

 Maybe your answer is yes, and maybe you say that are obliged to feel like that, and you say that this is life!! But... Is it?

 What I want to say is for a reason or another, the meaning of life has become the same for most of us, everytime we don't find an answer or an explanation for something we just say that it should be like that because it is just life. And we have nothing to do about it. So we are kind of not living our own worls, but we are living the world that made by others.

 It's still little bit unclear?! Alright, will you believe me if I say that with your feelings, you can change everything in this life? How's that?! Let's say that today, you woke up happy, with no reason, you just woke up happy, it happens sometimes, doesn't it?! Alright, you woke up happy, so, how will you see your day and your life?! How will you act with people?! How will you act with your job?! I know you have just the right answer but let me tell you. Sometimes when we wake up happy, we just share our happiness with everybody without noticing that, we become angles, we change our look to people, to life, and to everything. But, why can't we become all happy all the time?!

 Happiness is a state of mind isn't it?! I'll explain this in another day, but you need to realize that happiness is something under control all the time. And  you can just be happy all the time. What I want to say is you can change your life by changing your feelings in the place of letting things change your feelings, got the picture now?! Maybe you say it is not that easy, but the moment you believe it is true, everything will be easy to you. And you will just, start living your own life, on your own world, finally;


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