November 03, 2012

And the secret of this life... Is in first steps, Always

What is your age?! 10,20? 30? 40? 50? 60,70,80? Seriously, what is your age?! Let me ask you a question, what is the thing that you wanted to achieve the most?! What is the thing that you wanted to make it true the most and you just didn't want try because you just, you just think that you are not ready yet, or your are younger to go for it, or it is just, too late to fight for it?!! There must be a thing that you are just afraid to make its first step!

 But hey, guess what?! Are you really too young to go for it?! Just a simple question that needs a simple answer, don't make it complicated, Want to know the answer?! The answer is NO! You are not young for anything you want to do whatever it is. Even if it looks weird to people, or impossible to people, you need to believe. You need to believe that it is never too late, and it is never too early, because everytime, making the first step is the key that opens everything to you. This is life, and the secret of this life is in first steps...Always.

 What I want to say is, no matter what is your age now, it is just the perfect age for a first step that is going to change your life, even if nobody will notice. Do you know why?! Alright, I will tell you, it is just the perfect age because now, I believe, something inside of you is telling you to go for it, to fight for it, to destroy any fear come to you and keep telling you to give up. Something inside of you is trying to let you believe that if you take this first step? It  will open a new life for you, where dreams are true.

How about that?!


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