October 22, 2012

Capacity is a state of mind

 It happend to all of us. When sometimes we find ourselves tired and weak and we just, think that we are not able to fight harder. We think that our capacity ends right here right now. And there is no way to keep fighting.

 But... How many people know that capacity is a state of mind ?!

 What do we mean by "State of mind" ?!

 What "State of mind" means is that we are ready, and we have the ability to make our own capacity just between us and our minds. How cool is that?! No really. There is nothing hard unless you think it is hard! You can always fight more as long as you think and you believe that you still can fight more. It is just... Like magic, we make our own worlds. Our own lives, we decide what is easy and what is not. We decide what can we do, and what we cannot. And believe me, humains in general can really do alot of stuff. More then you can imagine...

 This is exactly how miracles happend, this is exactly what made people change their lives and change the whole world, they didn't make a limit for what can they do, and they just moved forward. This is exactly what make the whole difference between normal people and genuises. Seriously... This makes the whole difference.

 So now you discovered that, then what?!


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