October 17, 2012

How much does this life worth?!

I don't know what is wrong but.. It gives me feeling that everytime.. I just need to fight harder. I don't but.. It just gives me feeling that show to me how much does this life worth.

 But hey wait... Seriously, How much does this life worth?!

 What is our goals in this life?! What do we want to do?! What do we want to achieve?! What do we want to change?! How much we are ready to sacrifice?!

 Alot of questions are asked, and just.. There's no answer to make things clearer. Maybe I personaly don't know the real answer of these questions, but I know this: Life somehow, for a reason or another, it takes us in an adventure between it's ups and downs just to help us to find the answers of all the questions that we asked.

 But, What are we suppose to do to get the real answers?!

 I believe that life is moving fast, and alot of people are just falling behind.. So to be a winner in this life and to be able to see the real answers you need just to move with this life like two parrarel lines! Same speed, same way. And to deal with it and to never let yourself fall behind. Only then, answers will be clear to you, and everything will seem so in sence. And you'll be just ready, to fight exactly like you shuold fight.


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